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Saving for a MacBook

Hey there,

I haven’t been really consistent here for a while now, a lot has happened, I graduated, left medical school, moved to a new place, celebrated my birthday. Apologies for not updating you all on that. Didn’t know how much I missed writing here and being organic with everything happening in Nigeria the #ENDSARS protest. Leaving medical school, coming to terms with adulthood, trying to get back on track then police brutality in Nigeria, it does affect one’s mental state. I am still trying to take things one step at a time and get back my mojo. So today’s post is all about savings.




Like I once said in this post, I was lucky enough to start saving at an early age and I love to give gifts especially to myself. In preparation for my graduation (July 2020) I wanted to get a graduation gift for myself because I have really worked hard and knew that I earned it. So It took me almost two years to be able to afford my New MacBook Air 2019.

There is no doubt that the MacBook is one of the best laptops for a student, they are light to carry about and very fast, however very very pricey. So below were things I did to afford my laptop.

  1. Personal savings from allowance: no matter the budget for the month I made sure to save the little I could and cut down on somethings.
  2. Another stream of income: Apart from my allowance from my parents, I had two streams of income but took from one and left the other for future use. The one I took, was from my modeling job. I started reading about the rate card early enough to know when and how to get paid. I wasn’t shy to ask for my pay and didn’t look down on myself when some brands weren’t willing to pay and left.
  3. Help from family: After doing my part, added up my savings, I was left with 1/6 of the price, fortunately for me my siblings were willing to help out. 
  4. Other tips: Student loan, getting from The States, Used ones.
How to afford a Macbook for a good price

Before spending this huge amount of money here some questions you could look at

  • Is it worth it? : watched YouTube videos and weighed my pros and cons.
  • Do you need it: fortunately for me my laptop of 5 years plus had already damaged months to the time I purchased my current laptop.
  • Find places with the cheapest price: I don’t advise getting a refurbished one and you don’t necessarily need to get from an apple store.
  • Do I still have savings after getting a laptop: so you don’t end up spending all you have and then you are left with nothing at the end.

Honestly if you need a laptop and can’t afford to buy a MacBook, buy the brand you can afford and be happy, No Pressure.

Ways a college student can afford a Macbook 2019

until the next post.

with love,Victory.

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