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how to wear leopard print

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Some trends thankfully don’t go anywhere, which is animal print from Zebra to Cow to Leopard, Snake, or Tiger prints. Over time, animal prints like leopards have been a wardrobe staple for stylish women and can go a long way in livening up any outfit. Today I am wearing an oversized thrifted leopard print blazer,  I wanted a simple yet stylish look, so for the top, I have on a black cami and white trouser with scandals. It’s incredibly lightweight, which is perfect for transitioning into fall. The best part about the leopard print blazer is that you can style it in several ways for work and casual days. 

leopard blazer womens
I like to think leopards are neutrals, which can be worn with any color, other prints, and neutrals.  With the addition of Leopard print to any outfit, it says the words simple yet stylish.  If you want to add life or an instantly sultry look to an outfit then throwing on an animal print blazer is the way to go.  

Honestly, you can never have enough animal print blazer; the leopard prints have never gone away and probably never will.

To be able to style an animal print, first of you need to know if you want to :

  1. Go bold– wear bold colored leopard prints.
Photo: Topshop

2. Stay in your comfort zone – pair with neutral prints

photo : Erica_davies

3. Remain classy– keep it cool and pair with a jean or with neutrals like black or white and accessorize 

leopard print blazer

4. Mix with other bold colors– like pink.

5. Mix with other prints – zebra, snake prints.

Photo: Nnennaechem

REMEMBER: Everyone needs an animal print piece in their wardrobe because they are chic and never I repeat never go out of style.

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