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style beige shirt

Yeah, you read well,
Hey there,
Long time no style post. Have you ever imagined wearing a long blazer over a maxi skirt? Mind-blowing right!
I am a passionate lover of any type of big clothing but it took a lot of confidence to pull off this outfit. Long blazers slam soo well with pants and jeans but for today’s post let’s throw away that style and try something new, come on let’s get creative. Surprisingly Initially, I started without the blazer, simple home outfit but you know when they say “throw it all together and hope it works out”, that’s what I did, then scrunching the sleeves to look classy and chic. Most times I see people wear long blazers over mini-skirts which looked perfect but over a maxi skirt Nah that will get clumsy …..But guess what, this outfit is perfect for street style when worn with sneakers or heels for a corporate look -stylish. Maxi skirt can function the same way as a mini-skirt, I mean you could wear it with a shirt, t-shirt, bodysuit or a top, “Versatility” right!!!

how to style maxi skirt
how to style a long blazer and maxi skirt

Not everyone knows how to wear them, they seem pretty exhausting to wear stylishly. Don’t worry I got you, we are going to get polished.
To be able to pull this off you need to know a few tips :

  • The type of maxi you are comfortable with; the flared, tight long or pleated.
  • The material and design.
  • Structure of the paired piece; the top, shirt, coat, blazer or jacket.
  • Type of shoe and accessories; there is no need to add so much drama, I know you love drama but the maxi skirt already gives all of that vibe.

Summer is almost over, this outfit definitely would suit the fall.

how to style big and long skirt

PS: thrifted shirt, blazer, belt, shoes , gifted skirt

blazer and long skirt
how to style a long blazer and maxi skirt
how to style a long blazer and maxi skirt

until the next post.

with love,Victory.

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