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overall for women

For a while now, I haven’t been consistent here, I am dearly sorry about that. After graduation, I had to focus on some other aspects of life for a while.

“Take off your wig I don’t think there is a need for it, You look better without it”. Those were the words a girl who never thought she had insecurities with her natural hair heard, who thought modelling with cornrows was no biggie, who was insecure because her hair was not perfect due to undergrowth. I felt less beautiful, Yes, that girl was me. I never thought I would ever feel the way I felt that day. You know, when it came to the beauty I felt I was strong until a situation demanded it.  It took me some minutes to convince the hairstylist but she disagreed.

I am the kind that read books, watch videos to build myself, thankfully I was able to notice I wasn’t myself and found the reason why. Fortunately for me, I got my grip back thanks to the Motivation App that popped up the right quote at that moment (of which I can’t recall ). Growing up and even now I have always been told I am beautiful, with my knowledge of who I am in Christ, I had to intentionally remember those words.

beige pullover for women

Hope this blogpost helps inspire you, to intentionally groom yourself because you never know when what you have whispered to yourself, fed yourself, heard people say about you or what you know God says about you, could be of help. To purposefully pursue the elements that will help you grow regardless of whether you get immediate attention. Also, download an app that can boost your esteem or do whatever works for you.

styling linen for women


“Don’t let insecure thoughts ruin something amazing”

how to style a linen dress for women
summer linen for women
how to style a graphic tee shirt
how to style a pink blazer

Photographer: @shabasheva_photo

Stylist and outfit: @status_paradise.ngroup

until the next post.

with love,Victory.

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