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Styling bandanna with blazer dress

Put a finger down if you miss going out ?

Now whether you are a blogger or not, everyone misses taking pictures in beautiful environments, buildings far away from where they stay, I mean just the sun and the flowers will make you glow. The lockdown has taught me to make do with what I have and appreciate my nearby environment more, which you also could do .

Disclaimer: These are a list of things I have done and still doing to create content, hopefully it gives you an idea of what you want to create.

What you need before shoot day ;

Pinterest, Bloglovin and  Instagram; if you are like me who likes to prep their meals for the week then before shoot day save pictures from Pinterest, Bloglovin and Instagram to your gallery put a finger down. You don’t necessarily have to do exactly what’s in the picture but let your own ideas flow that’s what makes you different anyways.

Location scouting ;  your outfit would determine the type of location. I didn’t want to go out so I grabbed my white bed sheets. Pay more attention to your environment near by also, when you go grocery shopping.

Props;  are subjects you need to add story or dimensions to your picture, things like flowers, fruits , chairs , tables and so on. Since you have an idea of what you want to create, a day or two to the shoot get your props ready, where to get flowers so they don’t die before shoot day.

Outfit; Select the best outfits that goes with the location & pick out a day to shoot.

Photography and good lighting; note that time of the day in relation to the light should fit your location so you don’t get surprised. Like me I don’t own a tripod or a camera but I make do with what I can find or get by using a friend’s IPhone and ask a friend who is skilled in taking pictures to take my pictures. Please do respect your friends by letting them know days before the shoot.

What you need on Shoot day;

Get your mojo back; you need to be in your best  mood and be confident in what you are about to create.

YouTube videos for poses; this falls under before and on the day. Get the best poses for the type of outfit you would be wearing so you don’t get tired or frustrated during the shoot.

Remember to edit before posting day.

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  • Yvonne
    Posted May 16, 2020 at 3:18 pm

    Always gorgeous,never slackin’????

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