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Dealing with the Pandemic virus as a 2020 graduating student.

Hey there, Happy new month, I know this unexpected period is taking a toll on us. Awfully with the rise in number of death from people infected with Corona virus. It’s only human to worry not about it’s impact on the economy, people’s studies, those making money and so on but also the lives, the families and the brutal memories the world is being scared with.

I just thought to share what I am doing as a final year student who has dreamt of her graduation day , being called on stage to take her diploma, the swearing in and tossing my cap into the air but we are being faced with the new normal.

Currently I am;

STILL:going ahead with my plans after medical school

LISTENING: to good music to keep me hopeful.
Recommending, Forever and amen by Steffany Gretzinger, Promises by Joe. L. barnes

READING:  my bible to keep me encouraged , know God better and keep my mind sane . I have bible verses that resonate with me which I noted so I could go back to it , to keep myself claim and remind myself of his promise. ( Isa 26:3, Psalm 112:7)
Also reading “ BECOMING A PERSON OF CHARACTER” by Andy Stanley

FOLLOWING : recently on Instagram I started following people who are doing what I want to do and become.

SPENDING: time with friends and loved ones , visiting them in the hostel, checking up on families.

SAVING: more money since there is less spending. Came across “The Break Platform” on YouTube by Patricia Bright .

CREATING: Keeping SANE by dressing up, making up and taking pictures

WATCHING: Yes I am a big fan of Korean movies. I am currently watching a korean series “Crash Landing On You” a friend of mine recommended “Itaewon class”.
And patiently waiting for all the episodes of “The King: Eternal Monarch”. And of course a Medical series “New Amsterdam”. Even though I am slow on series lol.

ACQUIRING: more knowledge by researching .

Joyce Meyer once said ; Do whatever you can do so you keep moving. The more you move the more you can move and the less you move the less you can move.



PS: I have noticed people sharing what they are doing or reading has helped me a lot in this period hence this post hopefully you get one or two things .

Are we currently doing something similar this period? Do let me know and you could also share what you are doing in the comment below.

Thanks for stopping by.



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  • Godwin Irene(IJ)
    Posted May 3, 2020 at 1:59 pm

    You are doing well Vic,…May you graduate with flying colors Dear, Amen.During this period, I have known and still knowing more about Almighty God. Cooking different kinds of foods and snacks at home,kitchen is my second room after my bedroom ??. Reading and studying my Bible,my Counseling Books, dressing up and taking pictures, practicing my Yoga properly.YouTube and Google are my best app after WhatsApp. watching Afro(Petit Afro),Hip Hop(MattStephinina) and contemporary dance videos and practicing them too, Netflix movies, tho am not really a fan of Korean Movies but had to watch The Eternal Monarch because of the great Actor Lee Min Ho.Comedies from YouTuber Taaooma and Maraji. Google:finding more on our psychological and physiological being, my role as a feminist and Vintage Fashion World.Psalm 91 and ALL IS WELL Keeps me going. Move on with life, at least you are still alive.Get something doing, I mean something reasonable because An Idle Man Is A Devil’s Workshop… XOXOZZZ?

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