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Tips For Thrift Shopping.


I have built much of my wardrobe from thrifting. Don’t be alarmed I do splurge once in a while and shop from random stores here in school. People complain on how thrifting is a headache for them or difficult because there are just too many clothes to look through and some are just unnecessary. They also complain about the smell and why should over worn clothes be sold?

Incase you don’t know what thrifting is ? Nigerians call it OKIRIKA (also a place in River State, Nigeria) another name for it is SECOND-HAND.

Thrifting is the process of buying already worn or used items like clothes, especially when looking for something less pricey. It can be time consuming when you find so many things you want but again have to be decisive on what you need.

I have been thrifing for over 4 years and can say Welcome!!! if you’re a starter or inexperienced with thrifting.

You love clothes but can’t afford to always buy pricey clothes or looking for vintage pieces.

Here are easy tips for thrifting:

  1. Go comfortable: eat before going, wear something you can quickly pull and wear back. Take wet wipes and for ladies take a tote bag if you can.
  2. Go with a friend: so you don’t get too bored. A friend can help you see if the clothe really looks good on you and help you in deciding on what is better.
  3. Discipline\ Limit : have a budget before going, don’t buy unnecessary things, be conscious when you start picking too much.

4. Time: There is nothing more precious than time”. Set a time, you don’t have all day. I have spent not more than an hour 30 minutes.

5. List: make a list on what you need Shirts \ Jackets e.t.c.  Are you looking for a particular material, Chiffon \ Cotton \ Silk or Polyester?

6. Be patient, Look well: I noticed people get tired  because they haven’t found what they are looking for. “Patience is the key to thrifting”. Start with what you need.

7. Men’s Section: For ladies, do check men’s section for blazers, jackets, shirts and trousers. At shoulder pads. “CUT  THEM OFF”

8. Accessories: Yes!!! you can find something special like a retro bag or a very good belt.

9. Check: check for stains,holes, torn places. Check the pockets for tissues and handkerchiefs. CHECK AGAIN.

10: Alter \ Amend: don’t limit clothes to your size, you can always alter \ amend and replace buttons or use a belt to fit. Better still redesign the clothe.

11. Try everything on: after putting the trouser over your neck you assume it fits. Don’t leave the shop without trying everything on.

12. Hygiene: 

a) Clean your hands with the wet wipes after shopping. Don’t be overjoyed with what you purchased and forget to clean those hands.

b) Wash all clothes after purchasing them.

13. Resell if you want to remodel your wardrobe .

14. DON’T:

a) PLEASE!!! don’t buy underwears.

b) Don’t focus only on buying trendy clothes.

15. Visit every thrift stores you see, home and aboard.  You never know what you will find. Don’t limit yourself to getting things in one place.

NOTE: If you like it buy it, because you may never find something like that.

Do let me know if this tips are helpful.

if you do have other tips, please do share in the comment section below.


SHIRT: Thrifted.

TROUSER: Thrifted.

BELT: Reserved.

SHOES: Lc Waikiki.




  • Secret Admirer
    Posted August 18, 2018 at 9:24 pm

    Simple and beautiful ,Hazzelle My Ladzy
    Thrifting Pro ,Her Majesty of the okrika (BBB)
    Mother of the Thirfters
    Cutter of Shoulder pads
    The one who makes the less valued beautiful

    I hail ooo
    She anytime you thrifting holla
    So we make it rain

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