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HOLIDAY LOOK: Socks Or No Socks.

Hi there!! I take it everyone is having a great holiday just as I am, seeing things I have always wanted to see and do things I thought I would never do #leavingmycomfortzone *winks* , which I will definitely share at the end of the summer.

Summer is moving sooo fast it’s almost coming to an end and I don’t want it to. It gets hotter and hotter . I ask myself could the Cold Days Come Any Sooner.

On another note, the fanny pack which the Brits call BUM BAG is still trendy. I chose to wear it the trendy way this time around, but that is not what today’s post is all about. It is about combining skirts and sneakers with Socks Or No Socks.

Have you ever been in an indecisive situation on wearing a skirt and sneakers with socks or no socks?

Let me see your hands up?

My hands are definitely up.

These scenarios I feel are two different expressions one is trying to portray.

To avoid being disoriented when combining a skirt with socks, please do try them on together before the D-Day.

Make a choice:

  • Roll them all the way up / Below the ankle/ Slouch / Ankle itself.
  • Color: Please let it fit with the outfit.

Black or white never goes wrong.

Also pay attention to the color of the Sneakers.

  • Length: short or high. HERE  is how I styled a knee high socks with a skirt.

Do let me know which works best for you Socks Or No Socks ? by commenting down below.

I hope you love this look as much as I do. With certainty that it does provide you with a tiny bit of inspiration you need for this holiday.


Fanny Pack: Reserved.

Sunglasses: Little_shops_crimea.

Shirt: Thrifted.

Socks: Random Store.

Skirt: Thrifted.

Sneakers: Springfield.



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