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Have you seen the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” ? If you are a fashion literate and haven’t seen that movie you should go see it. ” Florals ? For Spring? Groundbreaking?” said by Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly secretly disguising Anna Wintour (the current editor in Chief of Vogue ) in the Movie.

We all know Florals bloom during Spring after the long days of wearing dark colors in winter. Looking at the background and my fruity patterned shirt + pleated skirt,  this is when one asks How much is not too much?

Is it okay to wear a colorful outfit and take pictures with a colorful background or even a floral background?

How can you walk out looking too colorful?:
1.Question: First question to ask yourself before putting an outfit is :How do I want to look today? Do I want to look Casual | Corporate | Playful | Creative | Shouty (I call that colorful) | Less Shouty (less colorful)?

2. Tone it down : When you decide colorful you need to tone it down, don’t wear all bright colors. Looking at the shirt you can see some dark colors, my earrings are dark brown, my lipstick is nude (neutral). Speaking of neutrals , white sneakers and black sunglasses.

3. Wear with Confidence: there are too many colors yes!! In as much as people might ask you what are you Wearing?!! Are you crazy?!! Lol people and their questions .The only way to show the creativity or beauty is to wear with confidence that’s groundbreaking.

Scrolling back up I mentioned creativity I made it more colorful by adding a patterned backpack with a yellow background.


SNEAKERS: Springfield.

SKIRT: Thrifted.

SHIRT: Thrifted.

EARRINGS: Random Store.

SUNGLASSES : Little_shops_crimea.

HAND BEAD: Random Store

BACKPACK: Random Store.

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