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I am a Christian, but for my Muslim audience, I will like to use the name Zainab which means Father’s Jewel. Muslims intrigue me in so many ways: their committed prayer lifestyle, the dedication to the course of Islam, modesty and being fashionable at the same time inspired this look.
I had to invite Ali a blogger for an interview.
So let us dive into it:
Victory: Thank you for approving of this Interview. Before we talk about your religion and Ramadan, we would love to know something about you.
Ali: Hey, I’m honored that your chose me to do this interview. My full name is Lawal Simisola halima. I’m a Law student and I love bright colors .I do prefer been called Ali.
Victory: How would you describe your own style?
Ali: My style is classy and chic which can be modest.
Victory: So I have always mixed up these two words, Islam and Muslim. What is the difference and which are you?
Ali: Islam is the religion. A Muslim is a person who practices Islam they are two different things. Islam is a way of life. The person who practices this life style is a Muslim.
Victory: Is the Qur’an read only in Arabic?
Ali: No, but the Quran was written in Arabic and over the years people have translated it. We have it in Yoruba and in English mainly I think because I’m not particularly vast in Arabic so I read the transliteration. It’s easier to understand. The Quran is for the comfort of all.
Victory: What is Ramadan?
Ali: Ummh Ramadan. We have something we call an Islamic calendar and the 9th month of that calendar during which strict fasting is observed from dawn to sunset, It Is called Ramadan and we fast to commiserate when the Quran was revealed to the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)
Victory: What is Eid Mubarak?
Ali: Eid Mubarak is the celebration of the end of Ramadan
Victory: How do Muslims define modesty?
Ali: Ummh in Islam, Islamic ethics considers modesty as more than just a question of how a person dresses, and more than just modesty in front of people; rather it is reflected in a Muslim’s speech, dressing and behavior. Modesty is part of our faith but when it comes to dressing hijab is the principle of modesty. There’s a quranic verse that says women should only expose what must ordinarily appear. Which is your face, your hands and legs. In my own perspective that it.
Victory: Do Muslim women have to wear hijab (cover their hair)? Why, what is the story behind it?
Ali: The only story behind it is, Allah Has told us to do so and it has been commanded. There’s a quranic verse to support this motion. “That will be better, that they should be known (as free respectable women) so as not to be annoyed…” [Al-Ahzaab 33:59].
Victory: Do you cover yours every time, both indoor and outdoor?
Ali: No I don’t cover my hair every time both outdoor and indoor but generally they are different stages of this religion there are some women NIQABITES  who wear the Long hijab,  cover their mouths and nose those people don’t show their hair never to any man expect their husbands.
Victory: Hijab or Turban or Scarf which do you prefer?
Ali: I wear my hijab when I want to pray, the turban once in a while and I mostly wear my scarf.
Victory: Do you feel oppressed or intimidated or Subjugated by the principle of wearing the hijab or scarf all the time?
Ali: The principal of the Hajib used to be like that for me to be honest. Because I didn’t start tying scarf till my 100lvl (1st year). 4 years ago at that time I didn’t really understand the religion and people used to look at me like your name is Halima Lawal and you don’t cover your hair. Then I started covering it so people won’t talk, but over the years I learnt the worth of covering your hair. I learnt the religion before knowing the people. Because people will always be people judgmental. But nothing equal peace of mind in knowing you’re doing the right thing not because of people but because of myself.
Victory: Don’t you feel uncomfortable covering all your body especially during summer?
Ali: Firstly, in Nigeria there’s no summer or winter it’s hot every time and it can’t be cold every time. I tie scarf and there are different materials for it. I wear silk so it doesn’t disturb me. It’s tied well and steady.
Victory: Do you ever want to try something new apart from the normal format of dressing?
Ali: I do try something new all the time it’s evident in my blog that I try all sorts of things.
Victory: What are some of the accessories you use when trying to be stylish?
Ali: The scarf alone is stylish, because there are different colors and that alone enhances the beauty. We have HENNA, ear piercing and our ABAYAS, JALABS are beautiful.
Victory: What are some misconceptions regarding Muslim women and makeup?
Ali: Make up is considered under TABARUJJ which means showing off to strangers by displaying beauty so when a woman leaves her house and random man sees her with makeup it’s considered Tabarujj and there’s a Quranic verse that says :  “And do not tabarujj yourself like the tabarujj of the time of ignorance “.
So no, Makeup is not allowed in Islam
Victory: How do you plan on celebrating the end of Ramadan (Eid al-Fitr)?
Ali: I’m going home to celebrate it with my family, we will kill a ram, eat with the rest of the family and pray.
Victory: I am very Curious about this last question and I am sure many people are; Why do Muslims go to Mecca to get gold teeth, what does it represent?
Ali: That is their choice it isn’t in the Quran nor is it in Sunnah. {Sunnah is the saying and prophetic traditions of the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)} People just decide to do that. I guess it’s for fashion, their type of fashion. Lol.
Victory: LOL, thank you for coming through and taking your time to answer this questions.
Ali: Thank you so much for having me. I’m honored honestly. Ps. some people might not agree with some of my answers religious wise because Islamic is a religion of diversity and different opinions.
Please do check Ali’s blog HERE.
Happy Eid Mubarak in advance


Hat: Gifted.
Red Scarf: Avon.
Black Shirt gown: Gloria Jeans.
White Pants: Thrifted.
Maroon Shoes: LC Waikiki
Shades: Random Store.
Abaya – Styledbyzee.
Scarf- Binta Badmus.
Strap Shirt- Frunche Official
Jeans- Autograph



  • oluwatobi_o
    Posted June 13, 2018 at 4:28 pm

    awesome collab dear,love the combination of hat and scarf.i have always admired Halima’s style and yours too as always.P.S the maroon shoes is a BOMB

    • Post Author
      Posted June 13, 2018 at 8:57 pm

      Thank you so much Oluwatobi. I am glad you do.

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