Currently in school, preparing for exams as summer approaches. It’s finally time to lay aside winter pieces and bring in sandals, sneakers for spring and summer. Most fashion trends are coming back from strappy shoes my grandma and mum wore back in the days to Multi-strap rubber sandals I wore in high school and bucket hats used in fishing and for sun shield.
An accessory like the bucket hat has the ability to immediately transform a look. You will be surprised at how this bucket hat can be versatile when different situations arise, from dressing for the Beach to Street, Retro and Urban style.

 For this look I paired this stripe suit with a bucket hat .I love the the idea of pairing a suit with a bucket hat, it’s depict a 90’s comeback into a casual early 2000’s vibes and with my favorite piece,a turtleneck which convey’s the look to a street wear.

Bucket hat is a thing again which is an ongoing rebirth in 2019. Here is a way you can introduce the item to your personal look.

Thrifted Suit

Nike Sneakers

Friend’s Bucket Hat

FunDay Turtleneck
  Location: Crimea
 Words by Victory