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First of all, if you are willing to be experimental which is the key to discovering new styles keep reading.
People you admire their styles and dressing all started somewhere, so it’s time for you to start.
The following ways are things that have worked for me.
So let’s dive in :

1. Experiment with putting pieces together and when experimenting, don’t buy expensive things just yet .

2. Buy what goes with your wardrobe: I mean whatever you want to buy, have something in your wardrobe you can pair it with. Also buy what suits your wardrobe,so you don’t leave it laying there. Remember to improvise, make do with what you have.

3. Own basic items: like a white T-shirt , black pants, sneakers and so on.

4. Magic Of accessories : accessories like handbags, necklaces, hats, belts,caps and glasses do cause a powerful change to your outfit.

5. Know how to combine : Work around with the clothes you have, by finding different ways to style a piece and don’t be afraid to mix colors.

6. Media:
* Follow Instagram fashionistas you feel dress the way you want to dress, with time your brain begins to capture some style ideas.
* Search on google, save or take screenshots from social media like Instagram, Pinterest, & website of fashion bloggers . Don’t copy but be inspired .
* Watch YouTube videos.

7. Friends:
* Go shopping with your friends.
* Ask your stylish friends to style you, learn a technique or two be inspired and try yours.

8. Try different styles: find the one that suits you and don’t be afraid of what others will say. When I found what I was comfortable with, being old-fashioned (vintage style) few people laughed at me and few said they like it. The key is to be comfortable that’s all that matters.

9. Plan !!!! : don’t leave it to just imagination, try them on before time .

10. EXTRA:
* Be confident it sounds corny but works.
* Get inspiration from anywhere and anyone
* Don’t be afraid of slowly transforming your wardrobe into your style also don’t rush, it’s one step at a time.
* Watch Korean movies if you can, they are known for being stylish.

* ‘’Let what you wear be true to you and be something you are feeling.’’
* ‘’ Let no one tell you, you are not stylish/fashionable, if you think you are then own it ‘’.

You are addressed by the way you are dressed. People are found of saying ‘’I don’t have time’’ if it’s a priority then you have time for it .
Do let me know in the comment below if there are other ways you have tried and has been helpful.


Words by Victory

Thrifted Pants and Blazer 

Loafers by Reserved

Belts by Odji 

Gifted Turtleneck & Tote bag

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