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Seeing the title for this post, what comes to mind is clothing by Hermes, Chanel, Gucci, Zara and so on. People also splurge on other things like Perfumes, Gadgets and the like. These big brands are expensive but of good quality and well detailed. When it comes to shopping, are you conscious of the money you are letting go off?

Most of my shopping are thrifted, but once in a while I spend extra, more than usual. Sometimes I try not to wear a complete thrifted outfit.

Splurging depends on ones financial build . What I call splurging can be different from what you call splurging because my papa no be Dangote.

Today I will be sharing personal tips I use before splurging:

  1. FINANCIALLY HEALTHY: Where are you financially ? Can you afford it without being broke after buying or would it cause a huge deficit in your financial build? I am a student and with my current status, I definitely won’t splurge a lot .
  2. You bet I was going to mention these two points, QUALITY AND WORTH: Is the cost worth it? Spending extra money on something that will last is worth the investment.
  3. ME TOO TAG: Why do you want it? Be real with yourself, Why? Why? Why!!! .Is it to show off,  peer pressure because your friends have it you also want to have it ?
  4. TREND: Are you buying it because it’s trending? I repeat “Don’t do that to yourself!”. Showing off is not the focus, it is about expressing yourself through your outfit . Buy it especially because you need it and can re-wear it.
  5. CELEBRATIONS: like Birthday, Valentine day, Christmas, passing an exam, the list goes on. These are  occasions I allow myself to splurge a little.
  6. A REWARD OR GIFT: a boost to keep you motivated :very important, treat yourself from time to time ,it helps trust me .
  7. STYLE: does it fit your wardrobe? , your personal style? Knowing your style whilst shopping is crucial ,you might buy something you will never wear.
  8. START SAVING: always spend after saving . Forfeit eating out and save slowly. You never know, you can be lucky to get a sale when your money is almost complete or ready. Remember to resist impulse buying.

Sometimes, it’s okay to splurge, you don’t need to feel guilty.

Do you have any other tips you want to willingly share on splurging? If yes, do comment below.

Thanks for reading.


Words by VictoryHazelle

Thrifted Blazer

Thrifted Pants

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