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Mustard yellow one of my favorite colors.
You know that moment when you find the same color of what you have being looking for, at that moment you know it is yours and you need to get it come what may. When I spotted these mustard yellow dress I was wowed and all I could do was SMILE and say she is definitely going home with me. On purchasing it, the first thing I could think of was its usefulness. I knew I could be resourceful with it in Summer or Fall maybe Winter but all through Spring and I could wear a turtle neck inside or combine it with different piece or a blazer. Keeping Fall in mind with the sudden excitement it comes with, putting warm outfits together and re-modifying summer outfit to suit into fall. I went ahead to find solution for warmth by layering.
The first few days or weeks of a new season Fall can be a little tasking, because you have to relearn to layer again especially when you are not ready to put away your summer staples. Fall takes us back to story line of seeing changes in the color of leaves and it falling slowly to the ground, drinking warm coffee\tea and layering again.

Let’s talk a little about layers:
1. Base (Foundation) Layer : the clothe in contact with your skin
2. Middle Layer: the clothe that is visible, it is usually over the base.
3. Outer (Final) Layer: the shell if needed.
Before layering do pay attention to occasions when the weather changes and it gets hot all of a sudden,would you still look put together or organized if A LAYER is removed?

Here are basic layering hints:
1. Combination: Try cool colors that match be it two layers or three layers.
2. Don’t exaggerate: keep it light, simple and less complicated.
3. Jackets: use blazers or jackets if you don’t want to layer
4. Accessories: accessorize with scarf of socks.
5. Level: They should be leveled, smooth, balanced and regular.
6. Balance: show little skin let air go in a little so you don’t over sweat.
7. Check your weather forecast to know how much layering you need or in case of rain.

1. A turtle neck (base), sleeveless dress (middle) and a blazer (final layer) with sneakers.
2. A white T shirt (base), Plaid shirt (middle) and a denim jacket with black trouser and boots.
3. A sweater (middle) over a shirt (base) with black trouser and sneakers.
4. A turtle neck (base), shirt (middle) and knee length dress with heels.
What do you think? Do you plan on layering this Fall? Will you try a creative layered look this fall?


CULOTTE: Pull & Bear
SHOES: Reserved
BAG: Lekki Arts & Craft Market.
SHADES: simf_optic_paparazzi (Instagram)



  • Ella
    Posted September 28, 2018 at 3:31 pm


  • Dammy
    Posted September 29, 2018 at 9:08 am


  • Dammy
    Posted September 29, 2018 at 9:21 am

    I know i said the straw/basket bag was a no no, I was wrong!!!! This is really beautiful????

  • Ejidike Kosi
    Posted October 1, 2018 at 4:07 pm


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