Wow! it’s a year already!! I remember when I decided to start and the questions I asked myself “will I be able to manage it with school? Will people like my content? Will I run out of content” and so many more. Truly I can say I have done well for myself and for you guys.

As part of my celebration, I requested questions on my social media platforms and here are the amazing questions I received. I decided to divide the post into two parts. Do Enjoy! and thanks for your questions.


  • What inspired/motivated you/why did you to start fashion blogging?

@kinkunmii & @zaynaro

It was something I saw myself becoming good at, and “why not just try and see where it takes me ?“ was the question I asked myself . It took me a year there about to decide and the pros were more than the cons and yes! I got a sign.


  • How do you stay inspired and creative?


I remind myself how far I have come and use that as a boost. Also get inspired from the growth of those that inspire me.


  • How do you merge Medicine and blogging?


I plan and divide the work between days, I don’t say; ”oh the weekend is for blog content”, When an outfit & content pops up in my head I write it down in my phone.


  • Describe your style?


Experimental, Retro, Free & Frugal.


  • How long does it takes to write a blog post?

@ Dami George

At most 4 hours in  total, including editing and uploading pictures.


  • What have you learnt and grateful for about blogging?


I am grateful for the people I have met, approached and the steps I have taken to achieve some contents. Don’t be afraid of yourself, what you can do and learn from others.


  • Do you make money with blogging?


Not yet, but I do through modeling.


  • How did you start thrifting, I mean how did you come about hints and rules?


I would say practice. I kept going, noticed rules and changes in most shopping.


  • How do you find contents? 


From the outfit, reading other blogs, YouTube or what’s currently going on, anything actually.


  • How do you manage money when blogging, like shopping and not repeating clothes?


Ohh no, I am human I do repeat, I am just careful of how I wear my clothes and try not to over wear especially if it’s my favorite. I shoot in bulk and use pictures taken by photographers for free.


  • As a blogger do you retreat yourself from what you post (blogger material).


To be honest sometimes, but at the same time I try as much as possible to be myself.


  • Why is your feed not like most bloggers focused on aesthetics like posting your picture in between quotes or posting flowers in-between two of one’s picture? Hope you understand what I mean?


Oh yes I do understand. I don’t follow that rule, I just post what I want to post.


  • How did you find your style (vintage\retro) ?


Hmm, i noticed I was confident in the way I dressed and stuck with it. It became a therapy for me.


  • Favorite fashion bloggers?

Cole Smith

JTO (Just Temi Odetola) , noordinaryshe (Ada Oguntodu)Fashionenth ( Eunice Abe). and Freddie Harrel


  • What Apps do you use for photo editing ?


I mostly use Lightroom, Ultralight and Instagram.


  • Why do you like cats?


I grew up liking them plus they are adorable.


  • Do you get embarrassed taking pictures outside?


Oh my goodness, at the beginning Yes!, but now No!!!.


  • You have a good skin, what’s your skincare routine?


I really don’t have a special cream or oil I use. oh yeah! I don’t wear makeup everyday.


  • Bad or nice guys?


Haha nice guys with a little spice of badness.


  • NO question, your hair is just peng and you are such a beauty?


*blushing, thank you.


  • Do you ever compare or feel less of yourself or less motivated, if yes what do you do?


Looking at what they (the bloggers I follow) have achieved and where they have gotten to I occasionally do compare, feel less of myself and less motivated but you know what I will get there.When it comes to Instagram, I use the ACTIVITY TIME to be aware of how long I spend on it and when I  find myself comparing I delete the app for some days or a week.







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  • Ella Suting April 15, 2019 1:28 pm

    Time flies … its been 1 year.. ?? nothing changes.. looking pretty as always ???

    • victory April 26, 2019 10:26 pm

      I know right!! Thanks for your support ?

  • LizWiz April 16, 2019 11:24 pm

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️.. This is absolutely beautiful! Happy Anniversary dear, more grace??

    • victory April 26, 2019 10:25 pm

      Thanks you so much Lizzy ?

  • Godwin Irene(IJ) April 27, 2019 2:39 pm

    Happy blogversary Beautiful, more strength to you dear? always coming up with outstanding ideas/styles

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